Van Security

During a 12 month period, over 2016/17, there were 22,749 reported thefts of tools from vans in the UK. 

Over recent years, commercial vehicle manufacturers have been sadly lax with regard to the security of their models.  As a result, many of the most common vans on the road today, can be compromised, with fairly basic tools, within minutes - or in some cases, seconds!

The most frequently targeted vehicles are Ford Transit and Transit Connect vans.  Locks on Ford vans up to 2013 can be picked open with a simple locksmiths tool, which anyone can buy on the internet.  Locks on Transit vans from 2013 onwards, have a poor design, which can be compromised with basic hand tools.

To overcome these problems, we can now supply and fit high security replacement door locks, which are resistant to picking, drilling, pulling and all other main methods of attack, which are commonly being used to compromise manufacturers original locks.

High security Hykee Replock cylinder - fitted by us, to a 2016 Ford Transit Custom.

Hykee Replock can be installed in about an hour - we come to you to carry out the installation.  Unlike other high security van locks, the Hykee Replock enables the van user to lock and unlock their vehicle with the remote control fob.

Van Deadlocks

We also now offer a high security van deadlock installation service, fitting Thatcham approved locks to protect your van and keep your van and your expensive tools safe from criminals.

High security deadlocks, installed by us on a brand new, 2019 Volkswagen Crafter van

Lock Protection

We can supply and install a range of lock shields and lock / handle protection plates, designed to overcome known security weaknesses on common vans or repair damage caused during a break in.

Lock shields, designed to protect the internal mechanism on Vauxhall, Renault and Nissan vans.

Proplates and Protektaplates available to reinforce / repair handles on most vans.